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Beauty Creations is the cosmetic actives business of BASF, The Chemical Company, resulting from the alliance of former entities, Beauty Care Solutions and Laboratoires Serobiologiques. For more than sixty years, we have developed a unique know-how at the service of beauty. We are today the world's leading supplier of cosmetic actives for skin and hair care applications.

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Ultra Filling Spheres ™

Ultra Filling Spheres™a new and more performing version of Filling Spheres™ - BASF Beauty Creations‘ renown breakthrough concept in wrinkle filling, which have been specially designed to instantly fill in wrinkles and fine lines in a more efficient manner thanks to their far greater capacity to absorb water and swell in comparison with the previous versions of Filliing Spheres™ .  Learn more...  (doctype pdf, 153 kb)


Actiwhite™, a preservative-free synergistic complex which offers combined and rapidly visible in vivoeffectiveness on both skin lightening and reduction of age spots, in just 14 days. Actiwhite™ complies with Asian regulatory requirements and ensures optimal skin tolerance.


Sqisandryl™: a preservative-free extract from Schisandraberries which was shown to stimulate the production of two key structural compounds involved in the stability of the DEJ: collagen17 and ladinin-1. Sqisandryl™ helps thereby preserving the integrity and functionality of the DEJ, resulting in a noticeable increase of the skin’s resilience, elasticity and firmness.